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Bicycle & Pedestrian Accidents

Bicyclists and pedestrians are often struck because motorists are speeding and fail to see them in time. As a result, it's not uncommon for negligent drivers to place the blame for an accident on the bicyclist or pedestrian.

At the Hawkins Law Firm, Phillip C. Hawkins reconstructs accidents using accident experts, skid mark analysts and eyewitness testimony. By considering the length of a skid mark and the damage to a vehicle it's possible to determine how fast a car or truck was traveling and whether the driver should have seen a bicyclist or pedestrian. As your attorney, Mr. Hawkins also quantifies costs associated with your injuries, demanding damages to cover medical expenses, medical equipment, prescription drugs, and lost wages. In cases involving gross negligence or drunk driving leading to catastrophic injuries and death, Mr. Hawkins seeks additional damages to cover his client's pain and suffering.

If you're facing short or long-term disability due to a bicycle or pedestrian injury, contact personal injury lawyer Phillip C. Hawkins today. Mr. Hawkins provides free consultations in order to evaluate your case and discuss the legal options available to you.

Causes of Bicycle and Pedestrian Injuries

The Hawkins Law Firm represents bicyclists and pedestrians struck by motorists involving the following:

  • Speeding down residential streets
  • Ran stop signs / traffic lights
  • Hitting joggers on side of road
  • Failure to observe crosswalks
  • Cutting over into biking lanes
  • Drunk driving
  • Rolling through intersections
What Damage to a Car Tells Us - Proving Fault

It's not uncommon for drivers to claim a bicyclist or pedestrian drove or walked in front of them "out of no where." That's why it's important to evaluate the damage to a car. If there is damage on the front driver's or passenger's side, it usually indicates a pedestrian or bicyclist was in the line of sight of the driver; damage to a rear panel usually indicates a car was in the process of passing in front of a bicyclist or pedestrian, causing them to run into the car.

In cases where motorists roll through stop signs or fail to yield at intersections before turning right, a bicyclist may be more likely to strike the rear of the vehicle. However, in accidents occurring in crosswalks and along residential streets, cars frequently are hit by the front of the vehicle. Using evidence from an accident scene and damage to a vehicle, Mr. Hawkins works to establishes what happened, why a driver should have and could have seen a pedestrian or bicyclist and if speeding or general negligence was involved.

Contact Oklahoma Bicycle and Pedestrian Injury Attorney Phillip C. Hawkins

If you've suffered head trauma, spinal cord damage, disfigurement or a broken leg or arm in a bicycle or pedestrian accident, contact personal injury lawyer Phillip C. Hawkins today and schedule a free consultation to discuss your case. Mr. Hawkins will protect your rights and ensure you aren't taken advantage of by insurance claims adjusters looking to settle a case as quickly and cheaply as possible.

Client Reviews
I've known Phil for over 4 years now and have always been very happy with his service to me. Anytime I had questions or issues Phil would always find me the answers I needed and always in a timely and professional manner. I never had a problem with him returning my calls even at odd hours. He was a tremendous help to me and still is and I was very pleased with the outcome. I fully understand that I was not his only client but he still always found time to talk to me when I needed him and to reassure me when I stressed over my situation. Angela D.
I had Phil Hawkins as my attorney on several cases and have been extremely satisfied with his services. Him and his staff kept me informed and up to date on every step. He was very professional and very knowledgeable on all my cases over the past 5 years. My future was looking pretty dim there for awhile because of my injuries and age but Mr Hawkins came through and I can now relax. I found him and his staff very polite, courteous and compassionate to my circumstances and the final results were very satisfying. Frederick J.
I am very grateful for the support of the Hawkins Law Firm. It is not common to walk into law firm and be greeted by a dog! However, as it is only in a time of crisis that one needs to seek out the help of an attorney - I found this to be a very unique and helpful comfort! Not only did Mr. Hawkins take the time to address all of my questions and concerns; but the warm and welcoming environment of his law firm, along with his staff, made an otherwise stressful situation a overall less overwhelming experience. Debbie C.